Idyllica contributes to the mitigation of the degenerative effects of climate change through largescale afforestation initiatives
Why we are doing this
Climate change is the most serious challenge of our generation. Its effects will undo most of the progress made over the past years in development, poverty and hunger reduction.
Forests are carbon sinks; they cycle carbon out of the atmosphere and transform it into biomass through photosynthesis as they grow, while also addressing other social and environmental issues, such as barren land, soil erosion and poverty.
We are leveraging nearly a decade of experience with Neem from our project in Paraguay.

Our Reforestation Project in Paraguay is the world's largest Neem project in dry conditions

We have proven expertise in developing and certifying climate projects in the extreme climates
We scale-up technologies developed in el Chaco to other arid regions
We have set-up an ongoing process for the issuance of carbon certificates
We leverage this experience to create large forests in arid areas that can support them
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