Our immediate goal is to plant 50,000 Hectares in arid regions
Trees to plant
Expected number of tall trees, in addition to bush and cactii species
Carbon removed
15.9 mil t
This is equivalent to half a million europeans reaching net zero for life
Qualified, permanent jobs for the communities around the forest
Our project contributes to the UN's Sustainability Development
Idyllica will provide increased income for the local communities and higher resiliency due to job security from constant harvesting and production
Improved soil quality would increase regional agricultural production and access to improved diets in these communities
Our project will ensure and encourage equal employment opportunities in all aspects of the plantation from farm work to senior management
Our plantation will not only directly create up to 800 local jobs on multiple levels of economic productivity and skill levels but will re-unite economic growth with environmental improvement
By using otherwise unused land and improving its quality Idyllica contributed to the efficient use of natural resources
Our projects aim at offsetting tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and fighting desertification, contributing to reverse the climate catastrophe we are in
We directly promote biodiversity and by directly working on afforestation and fighting desertification, we’ll enable the recovery of natural habitats that support life in these areas
By reinvesting in forestry growth and developing markets for subproducts we contribute to attracting additional financial resources for the long-term development of our communities
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