How do you choose where to plant trees

We look for areas where the environment and the local communities can benefit from a planting trees. For the communities this goes beyond the initial job creation during the planting process, as we look to create a sustainable circular economy around the forest we design.

Afforestation, what's the difference to Reforestation

Afforestation is the process of creating a forest in places where there have not been trees before. Done properly, this process is useful to ensure additionality of the carbon captured and also benefits the landscape with erosion control and a barrier from desertification processes.

Is Idyllica non-profit

No, we are a for-profit organization. We want to create value beyond the costs to be able to sustainably plant as many trees as possible in many regions of the  world and contributing to the UN's SDGs.

Where are you already at work

We have a reforestation project  in the Chaco region in Paraguay already registered for Carbon Capture. We also are developing other projects in Morocco, Mexico, Spain and other areas  in Paraguay.

Isn't Carbon Offsetting a permit to pollute?

Not really. To reach the global goal of stopping global warming, we need to stop emissions and also remove  emissions of the past. Carbon Offsets are the mechanism through which these  efforts can be funded.

How do you measure Carbon and  CO2?

The sequestration of CO2 in trees happens during fotosynthesis when CO2 from the air is converted into longer  molecular chains, such as lignine and celulose. This is stored in the form of wood, leaves, but also importantly in  the soil, benefiting the structure and organic content.

Is Neem the only tree you plant?

No. We want to create multi-species forests including endemic species that are suitable to the local conditions. Biodiversity protects the forests in the long run and helps for the creation of a natural ecosystem.

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