We plan to finance our projects through the emission of CO2 certificates on Voluntary Carbon Markets

So what are Voluntary Carbon Markets?

There are voluntary and mandatory (compliance) schemes for carbon removal and avoidance
Compliance markets are mandated by the relevant regional or national regulators of carbon reduction schemes (EU, California, USA, etc)
Voluntary markets are separate from compliance schemes and allow companies and individuals to meet  their self-imposed goals by purchasing Carbon offset credits

What does "CO2 offset" mean?

Carbon offset is any activity that removes greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, for example by growing trees, in order to compensate for CO2 emissions that can not be avoided or reduced in time
A “Carbon offset credit” is a document  that confirms the absorption of one  ton of CO2 or equivalent  gases, verified by a certification agency
These agencies also certify the social and economic co-benefits (“Add-ons”) achieved by such carbon offsetting projects

What type of projects participate on the Voluntary CO2 Markets

Mainly two types of projects: those that reduce emissions and those that capture past emissions
Carbon capture projects can be technology- or nature-based solutions (NbS), such as forestry, agriculture and wetlands/coastal projects
Among the NbS, afforestation and reforestation are the most efficient and with a larger likelihood of large scale implementation

What makes a carbon offset certificate valuable


The project provides clear information on baselines on environmental and social impact achieved


There is strong evidence of carbon removal that would not ocur if it were not for this project


There are measures in place to guarantee that carbon is removed permanently


Science based information on removals, and the emissions associated to implementing the project
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